Sunday, 3 February 2013

Car Boot Today! Oh what fun we had, see our photos

Well it was a very early start this morning, 6am and we were up walking our own dogs, grabbing a quick piece of toast and marmalade, or porridge and then out of the door to the waiting van.

Jenny borrowed her friends van (thank you Cheryl)! Jenny expertly drove the van to Charnock Richard in the dark and slight drizzle, as I tried my best to put on a good show of being awake.

We arrived at the car boot venue at just gone 6.50am and we were not the first! I am a novice to all things 'car boot' but I soon realised that this is a highly organised community that takes its pursuit very seriously and we were selling stuff before we had even got it to our stall.

Jenny was very pleased to sell a hat even as she walked to the table, and I sold an exercise bike before I could put it down.

We spent some time laying out the stall and ended up with an extra table for books, which is very fortunate as we had so much stuff, thank you to all of you for your continued generosity. 

There was a very good atmosphere and soon the room was bustling with people. We used the opportunity to talk to buyers about Homeless Hounds and made sure that the Homeless Hounds banner was proudly displayed, along with some handouts. Many folk were very interested in the work we all do and some very kind people donated money and others did not ask for their change when making purchases.

At about 11.00am Emma arrived from Homeless Hounds to see how we were getting along and to lend support. We have a great team at HH and we got texts from others in the HH team also which all helped to make it a great team effort.

Well that is another Sunday and my first car boot done! 

Today Homeless Hounds have had£360.43 given towards looking after the lovely hounds.

It was a lot of fun, a bit of hard work but really worth while. If you are interested in helping join the team for the next one, please do let us know, we are a friendly bunch and would love more volunteers!

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Saturday strolling 2

More photo's of today's fun!

Saturday Strolling in the Snow

We know how you all love seeing photo's of our doggies playing out and going for walkies, so not to disappoint you all here are some snowy pictures taken today whilst the dogs were out with the volunteers.

If you would like to join us and become a volunteer for any amount of time you can spare during the week or weekend, visit us at and fill in the volunteer form.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Pictures tell a thousand words!

They say that pictures tell a thousand words!

So here they are, some of the superstars of Homeless Hounds......

Heat Lamp Appeal

Well we are half way into the first month of 2013 and we are welcoming the cold and snow this week. Down at the kennel everyone is working flat out to keep the dogs warm during this cold spell. 

As you can imagine, in these cold days the dogs are really feeling it and the magnificent staff are doing everything they can for the dogs, but alas they cannot control weather and temperature.

We have an abundance of dog coats and jackets on our furry friends that have kindly been donated and we use heaters but these are are extremely costly and not always an efficient method of heating for a large expanse such as a kennel.

What we really need for the dogs are individual heat lamps for each dogs kennel.

With very limited resources left, Homeless Hounds are struggling to afford any heat lamps and so once again we are asking for your special help with our 'Heat Lamp Appeal!'

Each lamp will cost around £25 and the bulbs will cost another £10.

We have estimated that we need 20 heat lamps and bulbs immediately at a cost of around £35 each.

If you could help us with a donation of any size to help us buy these essential pieces of equipment we would be very grateful.

To make a donation towards the heat lamps, please click this PayPal button. 

Thank you so much, the dogs and we, really appreciate all your help.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

So what's going down at the kennel?

Well we do have some updates for you on some of our canine friends.

Firstly we have some hello's for you:

Here is Charlie; out on a walk this week down a local country lane. Charlie takes up the story; hello all, I have been with Homeless Hounds for a while now but I am looking for a rescue place or a foster home please. I am a very loveable chappie and one of the favourites in the kennel. I am full of life but will listen to commands especially when food is involved. My Aunties and Uncles say that I learn well and respond to all that I am being taught. I love human attention and will give good eye contact as you can see from my photo on the left. What a handsome chap I'am and eager to please.

I have some fantastic friends here at Homeless Hounds, which I would love to introduce to you all, so here we go:

This is my friend and fellow kennel buddy Stitch. Stitch is a likeable chap and very much a sweet little fella so I am told. Stitch simply loves cuddles and as you will see from his photo's he will push himself up against the kennel doors so that our Aunties and Uncles can give him a tickle as they pass by. He is a good friend & deserves a lovely rescue place or foster home (as do I of course!) He might look sad in his photo, but what you can't see is that he was actually being stroked and tickled at the time and was actually very happy and in his element!

So who to introduce you to next? Erm.... I know, here is my good friend Tyson and his stick! Tyson is rarely seen without a stick in his mouth. If there is one thing in life that Tyson loves, then it is a good stick to chew on. Even on walks, Tyson will find a stick and carry it in his mouth for the whole walk. Tyson is a quiet dog in the kennel, he seems quite a content little dog and he listens to commands when on a walk. Tyson enjoys his treats and a little bit of attention.

Right that is all from me Charlie, we 3 Musketeers are looking for a rescue or foster place so please do get in touch soon x


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Saturday, 15 December 2012

12 days of Homeless Hounds Christmas

Well it is all very busy at the kennel this week, we've had a bit of Away in a Manager with many animals and not much room at the Inn!

We also had a touch of Silent Night but this isn't always the case as you might imagine with a full house of hounds.

The Weather outside has been Frightful, but it is turning a little milder now; Earlier in the week it was quite frosty and cold for the doggies. If anyone could donate towards some heat lamps for the kennels we and they would be hugely grateful!

We saw Uncle Peter all wrapped up in his winter togs this week, to avoid becoming Frosty the Snowman

The good news is that this week thanks to Uncle Dave's hard work, the new staff room will soon be finished. This will mean that over night staff and volunteers will have a warm bedroom when watching the dogs at night. I so wanted to say; While Shepherds watch their Flock by Night but we are not sure Uncle Peter could get away with being a 'shepherd' and the dogs probably wouldn't be impressed being called 'sheep'! 

In 10 days we will be expecting a visitor as Santa's Coming to Town and we have been walking the dogs humming Christmas Carols and songs to get into the mood. 

We have trudged through mud, puddles and grass and seen lots of The Holly and the Ivy on the lovely old Church that we walk past each day with the hounds.

So we are hoping that the weather will stay mild and not rain. We hope that the doggies get lots of walkies, toys and treats and the wonderful supporters, staff and volunteers don't have a Blue, Blue Christmas but rather have Jingle Bells and A Rocking around the Christmas Tree time!

Watch out for more updates in the next few days from Homeless Hounds.

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